Ashita Kyoto ni Ikimasu Yo!

by Kensatsukan Gaijin

Tomorrow at 11:20 am we take off from Dulles Airport on the way to Kyoto, my second and Annie's first trip to Japan. Last time I wrote this blog I started it Tarantino-style, mid-story, so I thought this time a traditional beginning would be a good start.

Here are my expectations about Kyoto:

1. It will be in Japan

2. I will not be at work

As long as those expectations are fulfilled, I will be happy.

For those of you playing the home game: We leave Friday, land Saturday, and will leave Kyoto the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Kyoto was the capital of Japan for about a thousand years, blah blah blah [insert stolen wikipedia info here] [bluebook required citation: ]

Here is the FAQ that this blog has lacked, resulting in a many many email complaints in my head just now.

Where are you staying?

We are renting a traditional machiya (like a townhouse) in Gion, the traditional geisha district in old Kyoto. VRBO link here:

Jay, does Annie speak Japanese?

No, you freakin' racist - she's Korean, not Japanese. Get it straight.

But I thought Japanese people and Korean people don't like each other!


Why are you going to Japan during Thanksgiving?

Public Sector Math: Thanksgiving week + 3 1/2 days leave = 10 days off.

And why Japan? Please see previous entries (e.g. Little girl buying cigarettes, free drink & movie dispensing net-cafes with massage chairs, catch and eat your own eel stands, etc.)

When is this pointless post going to end?