Chicken and Waffles in Japan...almost

by Kensatsukan Gaijin

On tuesday, Japan’s Nikkei Index hit 7 year high, but the Yen hit a seven year low, at 116 yen to the dollar.  There are many possible explanations, but the most likely is that with Thanksgiving fast approaching, the Japanese are scrambling to make their Christmas KFC orders.  That’s why it is big news that KFC has launched a brand new “Colonel’s Cafe” in Kobe, offering a whole new way to enjoy one of the most successful foreign brands in Japan.

On November 28, the Forest Rokka shopping center near Kobe’s JR station will open a new KFC Cafe that is meant to serve the busy commuter who is looking for a quick cup of coffee and a little friend chicken in a relaxed atmosphere (aren’t we all?).  The restaurant will also feature pancakes, salads and desserts.  And before you say “well, I can get a cup of coffee at McDonalds,” let me point out that the “Colonel’s Cafe” serves your choice of one of their “aging blend” of coffees, including Guatemalan, Mexican, or Gayo, in a french press.  Plus you can enjoy your choice of Ceylon, Darjeeling, or Earl Grey tea lafter letting it steep in a pot to your preferred strength, while sampling the coffee jelly or cheesecake or mont blanc dessert you select from the showcase.  

Waffles are strangely absent from the menu, given the restaurant’s well-known forte.   But here’s the rest of the menu,