Shopping in Japan

by Kensatsukan Gaijin

Clothes shopping in Japan can be great fun.  When trying on clothes in Japan, at most stores and boutiques it is customary to remove your shoes before you enter the changing room.  H&M and Zara do not follow this custom, but even large retailers like Uniqlo still do follow the custom.  It is best to check first.  Also, for women there is often a mask or piece of paper available that you should place over your head to prevent transfer of make-up, etc., from you to the clothing.  While that may seem unusual, it is considered polite to use it.   Here’s a great phrase you can use when you want to try on clothes:

VERB + て みて も いいです

To try something in order to find out

Put on clothes from the waist down: VERB = はく

Put on clothes from the waist up: VERB = きる

Put on your head: VERB = かぶる

If you are in a shop and want to try something on: