Welcome!  If this visit is your first time, or it's been a long time since you've visited, this page can help you navigate the vast (disclaimer: not actually vast) resources about Japan (disclaimer: not actually useful) available on this website.  Mostly its just my Japan travel blog and my "All About Japan" blog.  

To start with, my travel blog goes back to my first visit to Fukuoka in 2009 and includes posts up until my current visits.  If you are trapped in a Siberian Gulag and have access to only this site and a sub-reddit about tractor mufflers, you might be interested to check out some of my old posts.

My first trip to Japan was a trip to learn Japanese in Fukuoka at GenkiJACS language school.

After Fukuoka, A and I visited Kyoto - it was her first time ever to Japan.  

Kyoto was terrific and we couldn't wait to go back, so a few months later we visited Tokyo.  

By then I was starting to feel guilty that I hadn't invited A the first time I went to Japan, so we went back to Kyushu to check out my old stomping ground.  

So much Japan, so little time... wanting to visit some friends we made, we did the Kansai region and Kamakura next. 

Lastly, the "All About Japan" blog has my weekly updates that I mail as part of the Charlottesville Japanese conversation group, Japanese Table.